trevisan carlo artista, pittore e poeta della versilia in toscana con la sua arte in dipinti, quadri e poesie

Trevisan ’s art is at once accessible and enigmatic, combining virtuoso brushwork and simplification of form. The plain surface marries with the background in perfect symbiosis.
The artist constructs his canvas like a puzzle. Every detail is carefully thought out and created, and contributes to the harmony of the whole. The composition opens into an infinite space where fantasy and reality merge.
The art of Trevisan is at the same time easy and mysterious, and there is serenity and peace in it. This is the message he wants to give the painter and his artistic mission. He depicts objects, animals, or characters on a clean and generally uniform background to facilitate the observer's freedom in his fantasies and emotions. He leads the observer into a world of fairy tale, makes him dreamy with open eyes, thanks to his delicate and light-hearted brushstroke like the touch of a magic wand.
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new artworks - autumn 2017
MILAN 16 DICEMBER 2017 - Waiting fo...

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