Amalfi Coast
Divine: this is one of many charming adjectives that can be used to describe Italy’s Amalfi Coast; a coast stretch that links Positano to Vietri sul Mare, lying at the gates of Salerno. Surrounded by steep rugged mountain cliffs 700 meters high, that drop dramatically into the deep blue Mediterranean. These mesmerizing views can never be escaped, viewed from the land or from the sea. The Amalfi coast is unique in the world for it’s natural beauty, breath-taking views, colours and characteristic ness. Small picturesque fishing villages are scattered in clusters, upon the front face of the mountain. Villa’s, churches and corner shops are built cut out of the rock, on top of each other climbing up the mountain from the water's edge. All buildings are surrounded by kept gardens and terraces, narrow pebbled streets and endless steps, lemon trees, grape and olive vine’s and the perfume of nature. It is a presence rich in history and culture, which is still alive today, among s...

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