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Persian cats will often have their first heat cycle between 5 and 10 several weeks old. Around the average, they're going to have two to four heat periods each year. Heat cycle can last 15 to 22 days.

When the Persian female is bred, heat cycle usually doesn't last greater than 4 days. When the mating isn't effective, heat cycle may go on for about a week after which recur at 15 to 21 day times. There's possible the unmated Persian cat will cycle every three or four days indefinitely. To complicate things much more, cats may have a heat cycle 1 to six days following childbirth. She might be nursing one litter and pregnant with another.

Do you know the signs and symptoms of the Persian cat heat cycle?

"There's usually no apparent vaginal discharge or swelling from the genital area

"She may carry her tail to 1 side

"The Persian cat may keep her hindquarters elevated making "treading" actions from the hind legs


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