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Propvic Demo Board - Rev. A
Multicore microcontroller PARALLAX PROPELLER P8X32A-DIP40
8 core 32 bit - 2Kbytes ram for each cog
80Mhz Clock - 160MIPS/8 - 20MIPS for each cog
32 Kbytes internal ram for appliocations - 32 Kbytes internal rom for interpreter
32K EEPROM for boot software/firmware
One expansion port 15 pins d-sub
13 in / out can be configured as digital - analog or PWM
One VGA standard port
One RS-232-9 pins/port for download firmware and comunication PC
One PS/2 mouse port
One PS/2 keyboard port
Two RCA stereo audio output
One TV-out composite RCA output
Configurable standard NTSC/PAL
High-level programming language SPIN multitasking - assembler
MGOS Micro Graphical Operating System on SD CARD (SD Card Optional)
Automation - Home Automation - Robotics - Data Acquisition - Remote control - Environmental control
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PropVic board and in/out expander board-NEW!
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