Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) – Part 3

We have already discussed the cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) and its use for the evaluation of the cost of a treated healed patient, this analysis can be used to compare treatments that allow to obtain a different survival.

If I want to compare the drug X and the drug Y for the reimbursement and I know that:

the drug X has a cost per patient equal to € 1,350, with 7-year survival time
the drug Y has a cost per patient equal to € 1,100, with 4-year survival time
I can calculate the following cost-effectiveness ratio (C/E):
CX / EX = € 1,350 / 7 years = € 192.8 per gained year
CY / EY = € 1,100 / 4 years = € 275 per gained year
The C/E ratio of drug X is € 193 per years of life gained, while that of drug Y is € 275. The drug X is more cost-effective and is dominant than the drug Y because it is also the most effective.
L'analisi costo-efficacia (CEA) - Parte 3
Abbiamo già parlato  dell'analisi costo-efficacia (CEA) e del suo utilizzo per la valutazione del costo d...

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