Ensemble Sirenide

Feltrinelli Music Store 12.05.2008 On 12th of May in occation of the book presentation "Il Canto Delle Sirene" by Pierpaolo de Gennaro the Sirenide Ensemble performed a series of inedited neapolitan music with M° Carmela Fiorile Conducting her own arrangements.
The event was attended by a large number of children from Primary Schools.
Sirenide Ensemble Sirenide Music Project PHOTO REVIEW Carmela Fiorile Pianoforte- Organ – Song-Orchestration-Musical Director   Born in Sorrento in 1967, Carmela Fiorile by the age of six years had already shown a talent for musical performance and composition.
Supported by her parents from the age of ten years, she studied classical music.Music has remained Carmela Fiorile’s passion.
Her repertoire ranges from playing the piano and organ, singing, director of choral music and composition.
She has attained a level of excellence in each of these disciplines.In 1977 she began to study the pianoforte under the tutorship of a Sister at the Institute of St.
This enabled her to become the organist at the parish church of St Anna, Sorrento Italy.
She began accompanying the music at this parish at the young age of thirteen years.Carmela Fiorile continued her musical studies under the guidance of Maestro Eugenia Gimmeli.
(Concert performer and Professor of Music of the Conservatoria of Music, Naples)After obtaining her Diploma in the Pianoforte with brilliant results at the Conservatoria of Music Salerno, she continued to perfect her studies in composition and directorship under the guidance of Gabriele Iacarrino (Professor of Music at the Conservatoria of Naples.) Having participated in both national and international music competitions she achieved the following:   4th in the Rassegna Concertistica (Concert exhibition) 1st - National Young Musician 2004 1st -Europe’s Young Musician   Carmela Fiorile has dedicated herself to concert music.
This has included pianoforte solos and duets with clarinettist Luigi Basile and Flautist Francesca Fiore.
This has led to numerous concert performances.
Her numerous pianoforte solos’ include performances at the Cathedral of Sorrento, the leading hotels in the Sorrento region and concerts for the communities of Striano and Sorrento.Moreover Carmela Fiorile’s has numerous roles and responsibilities with a number of organisations.
These include teaching, advisory as well as her musical performance.
and directorship.
The school of St.
Maria Della Pieta of Sorrento, the ethical board of the Soggiorno St.
Antonio, the parents association of 2000 [...]

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