Heart of a Girl (The Killers) testo-traduzione-video

Heart of a Girl è una nuova canzone dei The Killers.
band alternative rock statunitense.Il brano in questione, corrisponde alla nona traccia tratta dall'album "Battle Born", in vendita in Italia dal 18 settembre 2012.Dopo il salto, troviamo testo e traduzione dell'inedito conditi dal video-cover tramite il quale è possibile ascoltare l'audio completo.Video Heart of a Girl - The KillersInvia la suoneria "Heart of a Girl" sul tuo cellulareTesto Heart of a Girl (Lingua Originale)Looking out my windowAn angel in robes appeared and nearly pulled me apartA million miles of freedom, a million miles of road,But I still don’t know where to startShe wrote her number downAnd she gave it to meThey had to scrape me off the floorIn this transient town, waiters and dealersTrying to get their foot in the doorThat night I called her and she said“Daddy daddy daddy, all my lifeI’ve been trying to find my place in the world”And I said to her“Baby baby babe, I got all night to listen to the heart of a girl”I can see the time drippin’ down the clock,We’ve been trying to hear that ancient refrainIt’s the one that knows just when our heads are downAnd reminds us of the place from where we cameWhere we came“Daddy daddy daddy, all my lifeI’ve been trying to find my place in this world”“Baby baby babe, I got all night to listen to the heart of a girl”What happened here, what is this world?It’s too far from the heart of a girlA ripple in the waterFrom the drop of a pearlI’m on the shore waitin’For the heart of a girlMany doors, knock on oneStandin’ still, time is ragingStaring down the mouth of a hundred thousand gunsAnd you’re still here, you’re still hereI believe that we never have to be aloneYes I believe it’s just around the bendYou can hold it inOr you can scream it on a microphoneThere is no end (there is no end)There is no end (there is no end)Deep in the night, I feel the presenceOf something that was long ago told to meThere is a hand, guiding the riverThe river to wide open seaAnd deep in my heart, in any game,On any mountain, no I’m not afraidStanding on stone, you stand beside meAnd honour the plans that were madeTraduzione Heart of a GirlMentre guardavo fuori dalla finestraMi è apparso un angelo in tunica e mi ha fatto a pezziUn milione di miglia di libertà, un milione di miglia di strada,Ma ancora non so da dove cominciareLei ha scritto il suo numeroE me lo ha datoMi hanno dovuto raschiare via dal pavimentoIn questa città fugace di camerieri e spacciatoriChe cercano di fare il loro [...]

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