Karcher Pro Series 4000PSI Honda GX390 Gas-Powered Pressure

Karcher's most advanced pressure washer.
The G 4000 OH, German engineered from the ground up, is a high-performance pressure washer designed for heavy-duty use.
No job is too difficult for the G 4000 OH.
It has many industry-leading features, such as a 390cc Honda GX Series engine and Karcher's high-performance industrial-grade pump with brass pump head developed exclusively by our German engineers.
The same pump technology was recently used by Karcher to clean the presidential faces on Mount Rushmore.
Our customers asked us to develop a pressure control system for our gasoline pressure washers that is as easy to use as the variable pressure control on our electric pressure washers.
We are pleased to introduce our all-new Remote Pressure Control, exclusive to the G 4000 OH.
Simply turn the Remote Pressure Control in either direction to increase or decrease the amount of water pressure an Gas-powered pressure washer with 50-foot high-pressure rubber hose, 390cc Honda GX Series engine; 4000 PSI; 3.6 GPM; direct-drive axial pump, Detergent injector; remote pressure control; CARBIII Compliant - available for sale in California, Includes spray wand, trigger gun, pro-style quick-connect nozzles, and hose/gun/wand holder, Measures 36.5 by 23.5 by 30.5 inches; 1-year limited Karcher warranty; 2-year limited Honda engine warranty and more.Karcher Pro Series 4000PSI Honda GX390 Gas-Powered Pressure Washer, G 4000 OH.
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