RAB LEAGUE traitors

 General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ---> you can not save, wolves Islamists Nazis (undercover agents Salafis from Saudi Arabia, all Muslim Brotherhood, and the sheep (all the people), at the same time! Must be a man , and, you have to defend your people ..
in fact, for That Matter, That thou hast sworn not to be a traitor --- ANSWER ---> [ARAB LEAGUE traitors] @ Saudi Arabia, you will not deal falsely, even me, to have Given the money to Egypt, and they are Also complimented with the 'army (to have kicked ass Their Nazis, ie, Themselves), to lay the smoke in your eyes, betrayal, you are traitors to Islam saint, a total apostasy! this is obvious, as in Syria, you're also, in Egypt civil war all Arab LEAGUE are Islamic fundamentalists terrorist sharia imperialism nazi:soltanto, l'attacco nucelare preventivo, può salvare Israele, a questo punto, dai farisei anglo-americani] ] 07/19/2013.
Java, crowd of thousands force Islamic fundamentalists to flee --.
At first Syihabuddin, branch president of FPI in Central Java, denied that anyone in the group had hit and killed the woman.
However, his statement was followed by an official apology, claiming that it was an accident.
Increasingly the people of Indonesia seem less willing to stand for the excesses, violent and provocative attitudes of the Islamic Defender Front.
Last year in Palangkaraya (province of central Borneo) the Dayak - Aboriginal population - prevented the local president of FPI from landing.
A few months ago in Pontianak (West Borneo Province) Dayak thousands of young people organized a rally to protest the presence of the Islamic extremist group.
KingxKingdomLorenzoJHWH Unius REI king Israel [ satanica Cina brutale ] 07/19/2013 CHINA China: Baby dies, mother's life in danger after subjected to toxic injection to force abortion Guizhou Province authorities arrest, beat and smash Li Fenfei's teeth: she is "guilty" of being pregnant with her second child.
A massive doses of drugs injected to create a "toxic effect," kills the child and endangers the life of the mother.
07/19/2013 TIBET - CHINA Tibet Buddhist monk sentenced to ten years for demanding freedom Tsultrim Kalsang, 25, was convicted of "intentional murder" in the case of two young men who self-immolated.
In reality, he is paying for his decision to demonstrate peacefully against the government in Beijing and for demanding the return of the Dalai Lama.
KingxKingdomLorenzoJHWH Unius REI king Israel @ Israel - as, you did not understand, that: 1.
Sharia law would be: your death sentence, sooner or later [...]

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