lavorano ma restano sempre Job Acct Pd poveri

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI •
and this is not a problem for me,
if you do not come?
I will come to pick you up!
e questo non è un problema per me,
se non venite voi?
verrò io a prendervi!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI
Lorenzojhwh UniusREI
3 minuti fa
I want, by UN: to demand formal condemnation of CIA 322 UK 666 NATO: demonic SpA FED BCE FMI NWO, regime Bilderberg farisei Enlightened, e piramide massonica and of all its genocides JaBull-On, and to be be dragged into my court [#uniusREI #Governor @UniusRei] appear in my presence: Obama, Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, Stoltenberg, all SodomLGBTQ fremasonry:
they come to answer for all the Islamic crimes from their demonic Rothschild Morgan Satanisti, sacrifici umani, Rochefeller Dracula and all they Pd complici, to this day

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