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lorenzojhwh (8 ore fa) Spam Segnalato come spam sensational revelation of "MoNdiS0mMerSi" Said: they call them: "alien abduction" but the misinformation on flying saucers (UFO extraterrestrials) is so great and deliberate, not to make people understand that it are only humans that these have this powers, which implement the psychological manipulation (even of entire masses).
I also believe-I like you - who are of demonic origin.
I was very ill at that time and I am the terror, only to reconsider.This is at least x been my personal experience, also blame the idiots that when you ask an answer or an opinion, they only know how to escape: miserable cowards.? "-answer-> if not win the FEAR, YOU CAN NOT TAKE COMPLETE POSSESSION OF THAT EXPERIENCE: you has trust in me? tell me everything, you try with the material private and confidential, but do not hide anything.
lorenzojhwh (8 ore fa) Spam Segnalato come spam sensazionale rivelazione di "MoNdiS0mMerSi" SAID: "li chiamano "rapimenti alieni" ma la disinformazione sui dischi volanti (UFO extraterrestri) è tanta e intenzionale, per non far capire, che sono umani terrestri, solo che hanno questi poteri con cui attuano la manipolazione psicologica (anche di intere masse).
Credo anche io-come te -che siano di origine demoniaca.
Io sono stata malissimo in quel periodo e mi? viene il terrore solo a ripensarci.
Questa x lo meno è stata la mia personale esperienza, colpa anche degli idioti che quando chiedi un riscontro o un parere sanno solo scappare come miseri vigliacchi."-ANSWER-> SE NON VINCI LA PAURA NON PUOI PRENDERE COMPLETO POSSESSO DI QUESTA ESPERIENZA: confidati con me, dimmi tutto cerchia con [ parentesi quadre] il materiale privato e confidenziale, ma non nascondermi nulla.
Japaneseanimeguy (8 ore fa) Spam Segnalato come spam I'm a Christian.
Still? want to stay subscribed? I assume you're Jewish going by the icon for your channel and your last comment ended with Shalom.
lorenzojhwh (8 ore fa) Spam Segnalato come spam on the anniversary of "Our Lady of Guadalupe" in front of thousands of people, a being of light appears in Cairo, in the district of al-Warraq on 12-12-09 for three hours with those present in joy.
The only possibility of fraud is given by the absurd hypothesis of holographic technology, transmitted by satellites of the NWO Satanists(which are against Christianity) 300 million Christians risk their lives for the sharia, of these are martyred in 500 every days in silence.
So Jesus himself, in a single night announced the Gospel to all the inhabitants of an [...]

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