prek Wolverine 20MP 4-In-1 Film to Digital Converter (F2DSUPER) -

Converts 35mm, 126, 110 Slides /Negatives & Super 8 Movies into JPEG Images - Now you can take all those stacks of 35mm, 126, 110 Slides / Negatives and Super 8 movies and convert them into digital JPEG images to share and preserve them forever.
Wolverine has created a very simple to use device to convert all your film into to 20 Megapixels digital images in seconds.
So simple to use, it only requires a push of a button.
No computer or software is needed.
Use it right out of the box to convert all your film by plugging it into an AC outlet or any USB port.
All images are saved into its interna Wolverine F2D SUPER 4-in-1 Film to Digital Converter Bundled with SD CARD!, Convert 35mm, 110, 126KPK and Super 8 Slides & Negatives into digital in SECONDS, Unique Speed-Load adapters for fast loading slides & Negatives, Stand-Alone no computer required - Compatible with all Windows and Mac Operating Systems, Save images to internal memory (holds min.
40 images) or INCLUDED SD/SDHC CARD and more.Wolverine 20MP 4-In-1 Film to Digital Converter (F2DSUPER) - Bundle INCLUDES 8GB SD Card. [...]

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