you are unworthy to live on this planet

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI Beis Hamikdash Walk-through i am king of Israel

LorenzoJhwh Uniusrei
through: petrodollari and shariah, as its galassiah jiahdista (ISIS Hamas, etc..): CIA and its hypocritical ARABIC LEGA
continue: to bring his hybrid war (genocide and replacement theology): against all mankind!
attraverso: petrodollari e shariah, come sua galassiah jiahdista: CIA e la sua ipocrita LEGA ARABA
continuano: a portare la sua guerra ibrida (genocidio e teologia sostituzione): contro tutto il genere umano!

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Ritchie Blackmore
Gaza rocket fire kills one, seriously injures two
have you never seen a King handicap: disabled?non hai mai visto un RE handicap: diversamente abile?
Ritchie Blackmore
6 hours ago
You are blocked by me and everyone else. Dude you make no s...

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