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How Generation Y’s Beauty Czars Get Ready

Emily Weiss and Jen Atkin head two nascent beauty empires — Glossier and Ouai, respectively — that were born and nurtured through social media. And, as often happens, the two moguls became friends. Ahead of a town-hall-style beauty conversation they co-hosted on Into the Gloss (and streamed on Facebook Live), the two sat down with the Cut to discuss how they met, the beauty products they could never part with, and how their brands are carving out a new space in [...]

This Horse Is Going Viral for Having the Most Beautiful Hair

The Prussian-named horse (who’s breed has almost gone extinct three times already) has become an internet sensation, winning himself a Facebook fan page of more than 13,500 followers and a nickname of the “Storybook Stallion.” Although the internet picked up on him back in 2012, his popularity has only recently begun to soar due to multiple production companies being interested in him doing movie appearances (he hasn’t made his debut just yet!). With a mane [...]

Beauty Queen Caught After Forging Doctor’s Notes for School, Tweets From Jail

When you think of a beauty pageant queen, “pretty and poised” is usually what comes to mind — not a “jailbird.” Well, for one pageant queen, the latter has turned into her reality after being caught forging doctor’s notes to skip out on class. Sounds like every 17-year-olds nightmare, right? Madison Cox, the Miss Teen Spartanburg International 2015 winner from South Carolina, ended up in the slammer after faking numerous notes from Parris Family [...]

Introducing the Latest in Beauty Superfoods

How's this for a #TBT: Remember the "Got Milk?" era? Those were the days when you couldn't flip the pages of your favorite magazine without seeing a celeb rocking a milk mustache and waxing poetic about the drink's role in their success. Fast-forward over twenty years and just as the Milk Processor Education Program has phased out the iconic campaign, Americans have adopted a "milk and cookies-hold the milk" approach to our diets as well.Free People 'Romance' Cold [...]

3 New Oils to Put On Your Beauty Radar

By now, we know that slathering on oils from head to toe can work wonders on our hair and skin. Beauty brands make it easy by enriching products with moisture-laden oils—for years, argan, coconut, and olive oils have led the pack. Today, brands are ushering in a new wave of exotic oils for their skin-softening and strand-nourishing properties. Here, a few that we've got our eye on.Sequin Hearts V-Neck Body-Con DressCarolina Herrera Silk Taffeta Trench GownTrina [...]

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