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Gerry Scotti

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RAB LEAGUE traitors

 General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ---> you can not save, wolves Islamists Nazis (undercover agents Salafis from Saudi Arabia, all Muslim Brotherhood, and the sheep (all the people), at the same time! Must be a man , and, you have to defend your people .. in fact, for That Matter, That thou hast sworn not to be a traitor --- ANSWER ---> [ARAB LEAGUE traitors] @ Saudi Arabia, you will not deal falsely, even me, to have Given the money to Egypt, and they are Also [...]

World Watch List 2013 Al Qaeda Jabhat al Nusra

07/19/2013. INDONESIA. Java, crowd of thousands force Islamic fundamentalists to flee ]]. by Mathias Haryadi. The militant Islamic Defender Front (FPI) were trying to cause unrest in Pathean. The accidental death of a woman sparked the anger of the population, who attacked the [...]

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