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Snowden loses lawsuit

A court in Norway on Monday refused to provide assurances to US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden that he would not be extradited if he visits the country to accept an award in November. Snowden, who has been living in exile in Russia since 2013 after revealing widespread US foreign surveillance, filed a civil lawsuit against the Norwegian justice ministry in April to prevent it, in advance, from acting on any extradition request. The La Perla 'Whisper' Lace [...]

New archbishop may

In the mid-1970s, a recently ordained priest trekked the Cuban countryside, defying the communist government by distributing hand-printed religious pamphlets to townspeople bold enough to open their doors. At the height of Cuba's anti-religious sentiment, the man known as Father Juanito was tolerated thanks to his soft-spoken manner and unbending will, say those who followed his rise. His admirers say that personality served him well when La Perla 'Whisper' Lace [...]

Model Who Lost Leg Inspires

Jess Quinn lost her right leg to bone cancer when she was just 9 years old, but that hasn't stopped her from pursuing a successful modeling career. "I want people to walk to work and have someone like me on the billboard instead of having a Photoshopped image of a model," the Australian beauty, 23, told Stuff. "Your biggest insecurity is going to eat you up just as much as mine is," said Quinn. "We all have them, it's just about learning not to let it beat you [...]

Amazing Eyeliner Stickers

Learning how to flawlessly flick your eyeliner wing is a skill everyone should learn, but unfortunately, most of us haven't been #blessed with the artistic talents or patience required to accomplish such a thing. So instead, we scour the internet for tricks and tips that will help us fake the flick, and we might have just discovered the most epic trick yet. Eyeliner stickers are the genius invention that gives you a killer cat eye without having to pick up an [...]

Woman Claims Salon Snuck

Beauty Woman Claims Salon Snuck Relaxer into Her Shampoo, Ruining Her Natural Hair [Tanya Edwards] Tanya Edwards May 26, 2016 Natural hair. (Photo: Stocksy) Beautiful Natural hair. (Photo: Stocksy) This is a seriously messed up story. A woman in Georgia claims that when she went to a salon for a blowout, the stylist secretly mixed relaxer into her shampoo — to make the blowout easier – and ruined her hair. Fusion reports that a Facebook post, showing some [...]

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