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What I Had Wish I Had Known Before

Early intervention. The phrase can sound like a negative judgment to a parent whose child has been in treatment for an eating disorder for multiple years. The mind returns to the time when clues appeared and wonders anxiously, “What if I had done x or y? Would I have stopped the eating disorder? If I had been more vigilant, more protective, stood like a demon mother with a pitchfork outside my daughter’s bedroom door, would I have prevented the eating disorder [...]

IT HAPPENED TO ME: Double Jaw Surgery

Beauty Stories IT HAPPENED TO ME: Double Jaw Surgery Changed My Face and My Life [Mic] Mic May 10, 2016 It was emotionally exhausting to relearn, over and over again, how to love and accept my new face. Photo: Getty Images I don’t remember the first time I broke a tooth, but by the time I was a teenager, I knew it wasn’t normal to chip teeth as often as I did. I had the typical yearly checkup and cleaning with my dentist, +DressesAlexander McQueen Cape Sleeve [...]

How to Tweeze Your Brows Without Totally Effing Them Up

When it comes to eyebrows, the trends change like the weather. The one thing that stays consistent: Your desire for a great shape. And let’s be real, we’ve all over-plucked at one time or another. That’s why we reached out to two pros to get tips are for anyone who wants to tweeze—but is afraid of going just a little too far.“The best thing anyone can do is to fill in their brows before tweezing,” says Zoey Van Jones, eyebrow artist and founder of Zoey [...]

I Only Used Coconut Beauty Products For A Week

Chances are you have at least one friend who’s joined the cult of coconut. Many swear by the tropical fruit for its powerful health and beauty benefits, praising coconut-derived ingredients like oil, water, and extracts for their wealth of antioxidants and naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. According to Jessica Weiser, MD, of New York Dermatology Group, “Coconut oil is a saturated fat that is high in medium-chain +DressesCharlie Jade Print [...]

What It's Really Like to Be a 60-Year-Old Bikini Model

It's hard to stand out in the modeling industry. When you consider the vast majority of fashion shows, most of the models are tall, thin teenagers and twenty-somethings. It's in no way reflective of the real U.S. population, especially given that the average woman lives to be 84 years old. This is what makes Yazemeenah Rossi so exceptional: She's a +DressesCharlie Jade Print Silk Maxi DressBOSS 'Dasoni' Short Sleeve Sheath Dress (Regular & Petite)CeCe by Cynthia [...]

Jeffree Star Has The BEST Hack For Getting Rid

If you're anything like me, the concealer under your eyes looks great when you first put it on but an hour later, there are these little creases! So you quickly grab a mirror and dab them away, which basically removes most of your makeup. It's legit SO annoying. But now, thanks to makeup artist Jeffree Star, we have a perfect hack to get rid of all those annoying lines. On a Reddit thread discovered by Allure, one commenter complained +DressesCharlie Jade Print [...]

Your Favorite Sunscreen Is a Tube of Deception

What is SPF, anyway? SPF stands for sun protection factor, and it’s a measure of how well a sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UVB rays, which cause sunburn, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. If your skin would typically take 15 minutes to redden in the sun without sunscreen, an SPF 30 product would protect your skin for 30 times longer — 7 hours and 30 minutes, in this case.See by Chloé V-Neck Crepe Jumpsuitrag & bone 'Evie' Honeycomb Textured [...]

Unexpected Reasons You're Losing Your Hair

At any age, hair loss can be a disheartening experience. Although it’s more common than you may think—according to the American Association of Hair Loss, 40 percent of Americans who experience hair loss are women—it’s still very much a taboo topic that’s rarely openly talked about.But whether you're already starting to show signs of baldness or just shedding more than usual, know that you’re not alone. “It’s a very common complaint that can happen [...]



Ricordate che la adidas aveva lanciato una selezione per scegliere i nuovi testimonial della campagna Honey Stripes Low? La selezione era in esclusiva per Athletes World ed era disponibile fino al 6 aprile, quindi è ormai tardi per prendervi parte, anzi i nuovi testimonial sono già carichi per pubblicizzare le honey stripes low, le nuovissime scarpe firmate adidas.Non è stato certo un segreto, anzi la selezione è stata pubblicizzata per mari e monti; tutti [...]

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