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Langdon West (Camden, 11 gennaio 1886 – New York, 27 luglio 1947) è stato un regista statunitense del cinema muto.

A Fragment of Ash (1914)
The Case of the Vanished Bonds (1914)
The Hand of Iron (1914)
The New Partner (1914)
A Moment of Madness (1914)
Dickson's Diamonds (1914)
The Temple of Moloch (1914)
The Man Who Vanished (1914)
Mr. Daly's Wedding Day
The Girl of the Gypsy Camp (1915)
The Banker's Double
The Life of Abraham Lincoln (1915)
For the Man She Loved (1915)
Killed Against Orders
A Woman's Revenge (1915)
The Landing of the Pilgrims
Poisoned by Jealousy
Her Proper Place
Sally Castleton, Southerner
The Corporal's Daughter
Not Wanted (1915)
What Happened on the Barbuda
An Unwilling Thief
Friend Wilson's Daughter
The Ring of the Borgias
The Magistrate's Story
Mary (1915)

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